RPG Maker MZ’s First Trailer Shows What’s Coming in the Latest Entry

RPG Maker MZ for PC via Steam

A new RPG Maker game was recently announced with RPG Maker MZ. Degica Games shared the game’s first trailer that gives us a peek at what’s coming in the next entry.

RPG Maker MZ will introduce brand-new features, but it’ll also have fan-favorite features that make a return. Degica Games is focusing on making RPG Maker MZ faster and easier than ever, while also focusing on making it the most powerful title yet for veteran RPG-makers.

Check out the debut trailer for the game below:

In the trailer, we get a quick look at the map editor, event editor, character editor, battle settings, and more.

Here are the highlights on what’s new in the game:

  • Features a more powerful map editor function and is jam packed with lots of new resources.
  • Brings you a more powerful character generation function.
  • Bolstered the event function.
  • The largest collection of assets ever in series history.
  • Augmented and expanded the database function.
  • Revamped the animation function!
  • Beefed up plug-in function.
  • Made to be much easier for users to play games.

You can check out more details over at the game’s official website and Steam page.

RPG Maker MZ will release for PC via Steam in Summer 2020.

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