Rumor: New Mega Man Legends Looking Likely



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Here’s a brief summary of what’s been happening on this front up until now:


Ex-Capcom designer and director of Bayonetta, Hideki Kamiya, met with Rockman DASH — aka Mega Man Legends — creator, Yoshinori Kawano, at the Tokyo Game Show. When Kamiya brought the subject of a new Mega Man Legends game up, Kawano replied with a grin without actually revealing anything.


After reporting his experience on Twitter, Kamiya then followed up by saying that Legends fans would have reason to be happy soon.


Cut to two days ago. Protodude’s Rockman Corner, known for obtaining Mega Man information prior to official announcements in the past, are reporting that an anonymous source, previous responsible for bringing them details on Mega Man 9, has confirmed to them that a Mega Man Legends sequel is indeed in development at Capcom.


This new project, the mysterious source reveals, has no working title yet but is considered the next game in the Legends series. He mentions that the project is “very tight lipped” and expects Capcom to make an official announcement after their focus shifts away from Mega Man Universe.


Legends 3? It could happen. Head of Capcom R&D and Mega Man creator, Keiji Inafune, has consistently stated in the past that he would like to see the Legends line continue. And hey, Tron Bonne’s making a comeback in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, too…

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