Xseed were supposed to release Rune Factory 4 in the summer, but August is here and there’s still no sign of the game. That said, the wait shouldn’t last too much longer now.


On their Facebook page, an Xseed representative replied to a fan inquiring about Rune Factory 4’s release, indicating that quality assurance was holding the game up and that release could take until October.  Here’s the dialogue that took place (via: GoNintendo):


Hi quick question, when is Rune Factory 4 actually going to launch. I’m dying to get my hands on this title, but it seems to keep get pushed back.


And we’re dying to get it to you, but the game is absolutely massive and taking much longer to QA (play through the English for quality assurance) than we originally anticipated. Right now we could be looking at a late September or October release, but it will definitely be worth the wait.


We’ll have further news on Rune Factory 4’s release as it is made available.



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