One feature new to the series in Rune Factory Oceans is that you can ride on the back of a giant, Ymir, and explore the waters surrounding Finis Island. As you do this, you’ll be able to discover other islands.


Rune Factory series director, Masahide Miyata, says that there are around 30 of these islands in the game, with different seasons such as spring, summer and so on. These effectively take the places of the caves the Rune Factory series has traditionally used, and you can plant crops pertaining to different seasons on the various islands.


Another change Rune Factory Oceans makes is that, for once, the protagonists, Azel and Sonia, don’t suffer from amnesia, unlike all previous Rune Factory leads — instead, they get transported into another dimension and wake up in the same body.


The previous games allowed you to assign whatever name you wanted to the lead because he was an amnesiac. However, producer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, says that, despite the lack of amnesia in Oceans, you’ll still be able to rename Azel and Sonia. He points out, though, that the giant, Ymir, can’t be renamed.


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