Rust & Golem Has Huge Mechs Beating Up Equally Huge Hyenas



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At first glance, Kemco’s Rust & Golem for smartphones seems pretty tame. Rust & Golem looks like a clean, simple retro-style RPG which incorporates players as bounty hunters hopping into gigantic golem mechs and traversing the world, hunting down dangerous monster bounties. It’s a smartphone game for Android and iOS.


Then, you see the cat. Whatever Metal Max is smoking, clearly Rust & Golem got into the stash as well. Players will be able to customize their golems—each controlled by playable characters such as Jink, Nao, Rine and Cornelia the cat—with different weapons and ammunition while hunting down baddies. The backstory has Jink chasing down the mystery behind the “Ideas Vanish” event—an event that caused the creators of golems to suddenly lose their “Ideas”.



The battle system is pretty deep for a smartphone game – the video above shows that swipes at foes from kitty kitty Cornelia and others can have “Clean hits”, normal attacks, special effects such as an ice attack and more. The foes are equally varied, ranging from giant scorpions to humongous carnivorous plants and more. Players can take on bounties to hunt down specific beasts and earn themselves some rewards as well.


Rust & Golem is out now on Android and set for a Winter release for iOS.

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