Rusted Emeth: A World Where A Cat Rides Mechs And Beats Up Giant Scorpions

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Back in October, we brought word of the Japanese release of Rusted Emeth, and Kemco’s now ready to bring the game over to the West. While the basic premise of a bounty hunter going around in gigantic mechs and killing oversized loot piñatas monsters is nothing new, the tickling bit is learning more about “Edeas Banishes”. Oh, and the mutant cat.



It seems the world  is suddenly, and dangerously, experiencing spontaneous disappearances of all living things that rely on the gift of life called Edea all across. You’re Jink, a bounty hunter with his own Golem mech suit. While trying to track down the reason for the Edea Banish and its destruction of his hometown, he comes across  a young lady, Nao, who insists she knows the truth behind this.


With not much choice but to believe in her, they’ll press on to find the true source of what’s causing the world to slowly die around them. Might the only ones left be Dolls—artificial humans with their own will—in the near future?



Unfortunately, while the world is dying, there doesn’t seem to be any end to the massive number of oversized mutant enemies lying around. Much like Metal Max, players will be able to fight either within their Golems or out of it. And again similar to Metal Max, you’ll earn most of your cash to fund further forays by hunting down the many and numerous bounties scattered around the world for enemies such as… erm, Scissor Killer.


There’s a huge swath of customizations including different weapon types, chassis, individual weapons for both left and right hands, and a proper full suit for Cornelia the cat as well.


Rusted Emeth is out now on Android, and will be coming to iOS later.

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