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Ryu’s Rival In Ninja Gaiden 3 Is A Master Alchemist, Wants To See Him Suffer


Team Ninja have released a series of development diary videos for Ninja Gaiden 3, providing a little insight into their thoughts as they developed the game, as well as insight into some the game’s characters and story. This is the most interesting of the diaries:



Team Ninja reveal that, before the curse on Ryu’s right arm took its final form, they were considering giving it the form of a snake going up his arm. They wanted it to appear like the scales of a dragon, starting out on his arm, and eventually spreading to the rest of his body. The curse — seemingly called the Curse of the Dragon Sword — is a result of karma, and causes Ryu to be haunted by the hundreds of people that he has killed in the past.


The goal of this, Team Ninja say, is to show Ryu’s inner conflict — both his savage nature and his more human side — and to create a sense of drama for players.


Along the way, other characters in Ninja Gaiden 3 will play an important role in the story. The one above is called The Mask of the Regent, and is Ryu’s rival in this game. He’s a master alchemist, an expert swordsman, and his only desire seems to be to watch Ryu suffer.


Another important character is Mizuki, a half Japanese, half British member of the Air Self-Defense Force. Her role in the story, Team Ninja say, is one of the greatest secrets of Ninja Gaiden 3.


You can watch two other Ninja Gaiden 3 developer diaries here and here, talking about multiplayer and the game in general, respectively. Ninja Gaiden 3 is slated for release on March 20th in North America and March 23rd in Europe.

Ishaan Sahdev
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