Sailor Moon Cosmos New Trailer Focuses on the Sailor Guardians

Sailor Moon Cosmos trailer
Image via Toei Company/Studio Deen

The latest short trailer for the upcoming Sailor Moon Cosmos movie highlights the power of the Sailor Guardians and their bonds. Part 1 of the Sailor Moon Cosmos movie duology will appear in Japanese theaters on June 9, 2023, with the second part releasing on June 30, 2023. [Thanks, Natalie!]

The new Sailor Moon Cosmos short trailer highlights Usagi Hoshino saying that her power doesn’t come from hatred, but from believing and trusting in the power of her fellow Sailor Guardians. The voices of other Sailor Guardians join in her sentiment, sharing that all of them feel the same way as Usagi, and that they will protect her, the planet, and the people they love.

You can take a look at the new Japanese trailer for Sailor Moon Cosmos here:

The final two Sailor Moon Cosmos movies will adapt the Stars arc of the original manga, and bring an end to the Sailor Moon Crystal reboot series, which started in 2015. Sailor Moon Crystal and its sequel movies follow the plot of the manga more faithfully, which means that some characters will make their anime debut in the upcoming movie.

Recently, nine new voice actors for the upcoming movie were revealed. They will be voicing the Shadow Galactica antagonist team in Sailor Moon Cosmos.

Part 1 of Sailor Moon Cosmos will come out in June 9, 2023 in Japan, and the second part will appear on June 30, 2023.

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