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Sakurai On Mega Man And The Other New Characters In Super Smash Bros.


In his latest column in Famitsu magazine, Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai discusses his reasons for picking Mega Man, the Villager from Animal Crossing and the Wii Fit Trainer to be added to the two new games.


“Something I think that people noticed in the movies and screenshots released, is that the villager and trainer were not choices we made for the sake of cheap novelty,” Sakurai writes, according to a translation by Polygon. In fact, Sakurai mentions earlier on that the Villager was considered but removed from the plans for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


“Each has their own unique attacks and battle strategies, and they make the game more interesting. If I have an image of a character in my mind that dances around and jibes with what I want, then that’s the most important thing. On the other hand, even if you have a character suited for a fighting game, if you can’t make him stick out from the pack and extract something unique from him, then what can you do?”


Sakurai says the same concept applies to Mega Man as well. Mega Man’s most unique trait is his ability to acquire and use the powers of bosses he defeats, and this was what Sakurai wanted to work into the game, as opposed to simply having him use punches and kicks as he does in the Marvel vs. Capcom games.


“That’s why he’s done up in NES-era proportions rather than something more realistic; that’s why he’s a little expressionless; that’s why his jumping and damage motions and the way he can fire the Mega Buster while walking are all what they are,” Sakurai explains. “It’s all in an effort to present the character.”


Ishaan Sahdev
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