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Saori Hayami Thinks Genshin Impact Ayaka is Cute And Strong

Genshin Impact Hayami Saori

Saori Hayami, who provides the Japanese voice for new Genshin Impact character Kamisato Ayaka, was interviewed about the role on miHoYo’s YouTube channel. During the interview, she gives some of her thoughts on the character before and after recording Ayaka’s lines. Hayami also talks about other Genshin Impact characters she’s interested in during the interview. The interview is available from YouTube, as well as from the Genshin Impact Japanese Twitter account.

Hayami starts off the interview by talking about her first impressions of Ayaka. She noted right off the bat that Ayaka had a beautiful design, with lots of little accessories and cute details in her outfit. In addition, she also found Ayaka’s expressions to be adorable. When miHoYo gave her the background information on the character, Hayami recalls that it was rather hefty, showing how well-made the game’s lore is.

According to Hayami, Ayaka is polite, serious, and beautiful, with a strong core. However, she has a playful and “princess-like” cute side as well. She first started recording her lines for Ayaka two years ago, but since the majority of these lines were for combat, she thought Ayaka had a tougher personality. It was after she started to record lines for the story, when Ayaka could interact with others, that she got a softer impression from Ayaka.

Aside from Ayaka, Hayami is interested in and curious about many other Genshin Impact characters, with varying reasons. Firstly, she wants to know more about Ayato, Ayaka’s brother, as well as who voices him. She also likes Thoma, as he helps to bring out a side of Ayaka that she usually hides from others. Though Ayaka, as a result of her status and duties, tends to put on a mask, Thoma is the one who can help her to relax.

For more personal reasons, Hayami is also quite interested in Lumine, Yoimiya, and Sayu. Because Lumine’s voice actress Aoi Yuki is into Genshin Impact, she’s heard a lot about the game even in her private life. Yoimiya and Sayu’s voice actresses are her senior and junior at their talent agency, so she is also excited that all three characters went live around the same time.

Lastly, Hayami stated that she doesn’t think she would be good at combat in the Genshin Impact world, but she likes the open world concept. She would want to wander around everywhere she can see and take pictures. She encourages players to explore Teyvat and record their journeys. The interview then ends with Hayami humming Inazuma’s tune.

Genshin Impact is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. miHoYo also previously had interviews with Hu Tao’s voice actor, Keqing’s voice actor, and Bennett’s voice actor.

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