SD Gundam G Generation Eternal Announced for Mobile

SD Gundam Eternal

The Gundam Game Fest event ended with another new game announcement, this time covering mobile platforms. Like SD Gundam Battle Alliance, SD Gundam G Generation Eternal stars the super-deformed iterations of the iconic mobile suits. Unlike Battle Alliance, Eternal is a tactical RPG. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Check out a trailer for the game below.

SD Gundam G Generation Eternal aims to give players on mobile platforms the chance to relive Gundam stories from all across the franchise. These include anime series, movies, novels, manga, and even other games. They’ll also be able to participate in iconic Gundam battles from a strategic perspective, building their teams and units and engaging the enemy in combat. From the brief snippets of gameplay available, the game uses a top-down perspective but uses 3D models (or pre-rendered CG) for special attacks. Units from G Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Turn A Gundam, The Blue Destiny, Crossbone Gundam, and Advance of Zeta were seen, among others. The narrative segments of the game also appear to incorporate imagery and scenes from the various animated works in the franchise. The battles will have an auto mode for convenient play. Screenshots of the game indicate that new units can be unlocked through a research and development system. Players can develop mobile suits into more advanced or related versions of the same suit based on their series. For example, an 0 Gundam can be developed into a Gundam Astrea, which can unlock the Gundam Exia, which in turn can be developed to unlock other Celestial Being mobile suits (like Dynames and Virtue).

According to the official website, SD Gundam G Generation Eternal will be a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. What form those microtransactions will take is unclear. Other Gundam mobile games, such as Gundam Breaker Mobile (a.k.a. Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare) and Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage, use a gacha system to allow players to acquire new characters and resources.

SD Gundam G Generation Eternal is in development. It doesn’t have a release window set but will have a closed beta test before release.

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