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See Ryo Practice Fighting, Race Turtles, Collect Capsule Toys, And Buy Some Garlic In Shenmue III


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New Shenmue III gameplay footage has appeared, as a result of E3 2019, and the new segments offer a look at what daily life might be like for Ryo Hazuki in Bailu Village. The new clips give us a look at Ryo as he hones his fighting skills, plays some minigames, and does a little shopping. (Thanks, IGN Japan!)


In the first Shenmue III footage, Ryo visits a dojo. First, he goes to one training dummy and practices Horse Stance. At another, he practices his One-Inch Punch. Once he enters the building, he gets a chance to fight Red Tiger, the 1st Duan. People then get a chance to try using moves like Tornado Kick and Elbow Assault against the opponent.



The second video is more about idle amusements. Ryo gets to buy tokens to play some minigames. The Lucky Hit plinko style game, turtle races, and a Roll It on Top dice game. After that, he heads to some gachapon to get some capsule toys.



Finally, the third clip takes Ryo sopping at the Tao-Get Store. There, he ends up looking at a lot of Black Garlic. After that, he helps the shopkeeper by splitting some wood.



Shenmue III will come to the PlayStation 4 and PC on November 19, 2019.

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