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Shenmue III Finally Shows Off Ryo Driving Forklifts

By Alistair . July 10, 2019 . 8:30am

Ys Net has uploaded a new gameplay video for Shenmue III that finally shows off Ryo driving forklifts around a warehouse, a mole-whacking minigame, and more.

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Epic Games Will Pay For Shenmue III Refunds For Kickstarter Backers

By Jenni . July 2, 2019 . 9:30pm

The Epic Games CEO has made a statement on Twitter noting that the company will cover the cost of all Shenmue III refunds requested by Kickstarter backers that will come as a result of the Epic Games Store exclusivity arrangement.

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There Will Be No Day One Shenmue III Steam Key Option

By Jenni . July 2, 2019 . 5:00am

Ys Net has offered an update on the Shenmue III Steam key situation, noting that there will be no day one Steam keys, backers will have a survey that will allow them to switch platforms, and a confirmation that people will be able to request refunds.

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Ys Net And Deep Silver Will ‘Assess’ The Shenmue III Epic Games Store Situation

By Jenni . June 14, 2019 . 5:30am

Ys Net and Deep Silver noted on the official Kickstarter page that the two will be considering the Shenmue III Epic Games Store situation, due to fan response.

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See Ryo Practice Fighting, Race Turtles, Collect Capsule Toys, And Buy Some Garlic In Shenmue III

By Jenni . June 12, 2019 . 8:00am

The latest Shenmue III gameplay footage looks at Ryo as he spends time training at a dojo, plays through some minigames, collects some capsule toys, shops, and chops wood.

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Shenmue III Steam Release Will Happen ‘In The Future’

By Jenni . June 11, 2019 . 7:11am

The official website confirms a Shenmue III Steam release will happen. Physical PC copies come with an Epic Games Store code.

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Limited Run Games Is Handling The Shenmue III Collectors Edition

By Jenni . June 10, 2019 . 12:45pm

At the end of its E3 2019 media briefing, Limited Run Games showed off the Shenmue III Collectors Edition it with a double-sided Phoenix/Dragon Mirror replica.

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Shenmue III E3 2019 Trailer Shows Off Ryo’s Facial Expressions And Fighting Skills, As Well As An Epic Games Store Logo (Update)

By Jenni . June 10, 2019 . 11:15am

The Shenmue III E3 2019 trailer has been released. In addition to showing Ryo interacting with people and providing more English voice acting samples, its closing screen confirmed Epic Games Store exclusivity.

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Possible Shenmue III Xbox One Version Denied By Deep Silver

By Jenni . June 7, 2019 . 5:00am

Deep Silver said “no planned” Shenmue III Xbox One port is in the works, when asked about website data that may have suggested another platform for the game.

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Shenmue III E3 2019 Appearance Confirmed

By Jenni . June 4, 2019 . 5:00am

A Shenmue III E3 2019 appearance has been confirmed, but it will only be in a business area for media to see.

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Shenmue III Delayed Again, This Time Until November 2019

By Jenni . June 3, 2019 . 7:26am

Once again, Shenmue III has been delayed. Its new release date is November 19, 2019.

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All Shenmue III Activities Can Connect To Ryo’s Skill Book

By Jenni . April 12, 2019 . 11:00am

The various Shenmue III activities Ryo engages in, like collecting gacha toys or playing pachinko, will give him opportunities to unlock new skills in his Skill Book.

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Yes, There Will Be Shenmue III Forklift Driving Opportunities

By Jenni . April 11, 2019 . 5:00am

A new Shenmue III forklift screenshot confirms Ryo will get behind the wheel of his most iconic ride again.

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Ryo Will Need To Manage His Hunger In Shenmue III

By Alistair . March 11, 2019 . 9:45am

During MAGIC 2019, Shenmue III director Yu Suzuki talked a bit more about the game, including how hunger will play a role in the game, how Ryo can go fishing, and more.

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Ryo Trains To Learn A New Technique In Shenmue III’s MAGIC 2019 Trailer

By Alistair . March 9, 2019 . 1:34pm

Ys Net has released the latest trailer for Shenmue III, which was first shown off at MAGIC 2019 yesterday, where we see Ryo finding an old master who knew his father in order to learn new techniques.