The Principality of Gallia in Valkyria Chronicles 3 is divided up into three sections: the regular Gallian army, the Volunteers who are called upon during emergencies, and Squad 422, AKA “The Nameless.”


Squad 422 consists of members of questionable backgrounds and it essentially a unit that performs “off-the-record” operations that the Gallian army cannot. Its members are known by numbers rather than by name. Valkyria 3’s primary protagonist, Kurt Irving, belongs to this group.


vc3_004 vc3_005 vc3_006 vc3_001 vc3_002 vc3_003 vc3_007 vc3_008 vc3_009 vc3_010


The chap with his feet up on the desk below is Ramsey Crowe. He’s part of the Gallian army, but also appears to be involved with Squad 422 as a senior officer.


vc3_016 vc3_013

vc3_011 vc3_012 vc3_014 vc3_015


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