Sega-Related ‘Major Scoop’ to be Revealed in Famitsu


Technological journalist and Famitsu columnist Zenji Nishikawa revealed via a livestream on his personal Youtube channel that next week’s issue of Famitsu will feature a “major scoop” related to Sega. It will supposedly “take the games industry by storm.” [Thanks, Game’s Talk!]

Nishikawa’s column focuses on the dissemination of the more technical elements of gaming hardware and software, including hardware specs and things like how to reduce audio delay for wireless earphones. Nishikawa is hyping up the scoop as something on the same level as Wired’s exclusive feature on the upcoming PlayStation 5. While it will be an exclusive reveal via Famitsu. the news will be revealed via Nishikawa’s own column and not Famitsu‘s feature articles.

While he obviously didn’t reveal much regarding the news, he accidentally namedropped and later confirmed, the name of the company involved: Sega. When asked via the viewer comments later on, he said that it wasn’t anything like the Dreamcast 2.

Considering the nature of the column, the news itself is likely not that major in the grand scheme of things, but will likely be of interest to those looking at the technical side of game development or gaming hardware and software. Siliconera will keep up to date with whatever the “major scoop” turns out to be.

Alistair Wong
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