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Senran Kagura Girls’ Personalities Will Change According To Your Fighting Style


Bursting boobies producer, Kenichiro Takaki, is pretty popular around these parts, but many don’t know what he looks like.


Behold, the picture on the right, snapped by Inside Games at a live Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls presentation in Akihabara, earlier today.


The presentation revealed a few new things about the game. Senran Kagura will have over 180 costumes in the game, including pajamas and idol get-up. Most notably, however, the characters’ personalities and voices will change according to the player’s fighting style, which sounds like an interesting feature.


A lot of the rest of the event focused on the game’s marketing campaign, amongst which will be a new manga series debuting in Monthly Comic Alive magazine from August 27th, and another in Monthly Comic Rex from September 27th.

Additionally, Famitsu will be publishing a Senran Kagura web comic series in August, too.


Another collaboration for Senran Kagura is with Akahige Pharmacy, who will be carrying some sort of promotional “energy drink,” which is what Takaki’s pretending to be sipping up there. The store and the drink will both appear in the game, and drinking it will power you up.


Different Japanese stores will carry different displays to promote the game when it releases on September 22nd. Messe Sanoh recently tweeted a picture of their display, which will focus on Hanzo Academy’s Katsuragi (slightly NSFW; click link to view).


Gamers will have their own display, focusing on Asuka. Sofmap will get Ikagura, Animate will get Yagyuu, and Toranoana will get Hibari. I suppose everyone’s happy.



Food for thought:

If you go to Akahige Pharmacy’s website, the first thing you’ll see on there is Viagra, along with a bunch of hilarious product banners.

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