Shin’en Announce Jett Rocket, A 3D Platformer For WiiWare



    Following Fun! Fun! Minigolf and Art of Balance, Shin’en intend to publish three new WiiWare games this year. The first of these is Jett Rocket, a platformer with a rather retro-meets-modern vibe. Retro in the sense that the protagonist, Jett Rocket, looks rather like Mega Man, and modern because the environments look stylistically similar to Super Mario Galaxy.


    Wait, something that looks like Mario Galaxy? On WiiWare? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, given our discussion with Shin’en on the technology behind their games last month.


    For now, all we know about Jett Rocket is that you “explore the beautiful planet of Yoroppa and find out why it has been attacked by the evil ‘Power Plant Posse’.” And that you “ride the ocean on your Jet Boat, parachute from giant cliffs, speed through arctic regions on your Jet Snowboard or skyrocket with your Jet Pack.” Expect more information as it’s revealed. In the meantime, pour over these screenshots:


    image image image image image image image

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