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Shovel Knight Reaches PC, 3DS And Wii U On June 26th

Shovel Knight will be released on June 26th in the U.S., Yacht Club Games announced this evening. The game will be available as a download title on PC, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


Whe 3DS and Wii U version of the 2D platformer will be available in USA, Canada and Mexico, while the Steam version will be a global release. Yacht Club say they’re working through localization and the ratings process for a European 3DS/Wii U release as well.


Shovel Knight is an platformer inspired by a number of 8-bit NES games, including Zelda II and Mega Man. The game has you playing as the Shovel Knight, and you face off against eight bosses in the game, similar to Mega Man titles, each of which is some sort of knight themselves.


Yacht Club refer to this release as “Shovel Knight 1.0,” indicating that they intend to update the game in the future. You can view a manual for the game here.


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