Shovel Knight, Yacht Club Games’ 8-bit action platformer, reached the end of its Kickstarter campaign this past weekend, with over $300,000 in contributions. The Kickstarter’s original goal was a mere $75,000.


Since Shovel Knight has hit every single one of its stretch goals, here are some of the major features that will be added to the game before its release:


  • New Game+ mode
  • Playable Boss Knight
  • A second playable Boss Knight
  • A third playable Boss Knight
  • Gender Swap mode
  • 4 Player Battle mode
  • All Boss Knights playable in Battle mode
  • Challenge mode
  • A physical box
  • Linux/MAC versions in addition to PC/3DS/Wii U


Shovel Knight is scheduled for release this Fall on PC, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


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