Sin Chronicle Gameplay Systems and Choice Based Story Explained

Sin Chronicle Gameplay Story

Sega shared new information about Sin Chronicle, which includes a breakdown of its “choice based” story system and other gameplay mechanics. Various activities and systems will be available for the player to participate in. This includes strengthening your relationships with various characters through visiting the in-game Tavern. Additionally, Sega has revealed that weapons will not be available to obtain through a gacha system. Instead, players can get weapons by defeating enemies and opening up treasure chests. [Thanks, Gamer!]

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Regarding the “choice based” story system in Sin Chronicle, players will uncover key words through general progression. At the end of each chapter players will have to choose between two key words. Selecting a key word will change the path of the story, and lock them into a certain path. Once that path has been selected, the player cannot go back and change their answer.

You can watch the latest trailer for Sin Chronicle, which features a look at gameplay and the story system, below.

Players will be able to recruit “key characters” into their party. These characters will have their own unique stories that players can experience alongside the main scenario. Guest characters will also appear in the game. Depending on the path the player selects, they could become a key character that will appear in a future chapter.

As mentioned previously, Sin Chronicle will not have a weapon gacha. Players will have to take to the field to obtain weapons. Players can level up character stats through leveling up and using ability points. Additional skills can be purchased using ability points.

Sin Chronicle will release for Android and iOS devices in Spring 2022 in Japan. Pre-registration is immediately available.

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