SINoALICE Poachers’ Feast Introduce New Summer Swimsuit Variants For Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid

SINoALICE Summer Swimsuit Little Mermaid Sleeping Beauty

SINoALICE will be introducing a new summer event this August, and for a limited time players will have the opportunity to summon swimsuit variants of Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid. Starting on August 20, 2020 the Poacher’s Feast will begin and players will be able to get their hands on clams to redeem for rewards.

Additionally, a secondary summer campaign is underway on the SINoALICE official Twitter. If the enclosed tweet below reaches 15,000 cumulative likes or retweets, players will receive 150 Twilight Gems. This is across global media accounts as well. You can find the tweet below to like, retweet, or like and retweet it.

Little else has been revealed about the upcoming Poacher’s Feast event. However, the confirmation of the summer swimsuit variants for Little Mermaid and Sleeping beauty and SINoALICE may be enough to sate players for now. Both Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty will be available to summon through that banner as the Poacher job. However, Little Mermaid will specialize in spears and Sleeping Beauty will specialize in hammers. You can also watch the Poachers’ Feast YouTube video below to get a better look at these summer variants.

Looking to get started in SINoALICE? We’ve written a guide that breaks down everything you need to know and what to prioritize, and how to best acquire Twilight Gems to spend on limited time banners like the one included in the Poacher’s Feast.

SINoALICE is immediately available for Android and iOS devices.

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