Sirin Elf Swings Her Scissors to Strike in Honkai Impact 3rd

honkai impact 3rd sirin elf

Sirin will be heading to Honkai Impact 3rd as a new ELF support character, and miHoYo offered details on the assistance she’ll provide. While normally details about the character can involve some spoilers for the game’s events, the introduction to her plays around with that through a line where Sirin says she doesn’t know anything about the “person” the reader is referencing. This new character wields scissors, plays with fire, but also uses Sweet☆Magic to heal your party.

Most of ELF Sirin’s attacks in Honkai Impact 3rd will involve dealing fire damage to an enemy. For example, Snip☆Magic involves her using scissors for a single fire DMG attack. If she attacks alongside you with Friendship☆Magic, she deals more fire DMG with missiles.

However, when you use her stronger Shackle☆Magic Ultimate, Sirin will both deal fire DMG and heal. First, she will deal AOE fire DMG to all enemies in her magic circle and burn them for more damage over time. But when that ability is used, the Sweet☆Magic passive kicks in. As miHoYo noted, “Any team member whose HP is below 100% consumes 1 charge to restore HP when she hits an enemy.”

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for PC and both Android and Apple iOS devices, and ELF Sirin is on the way. So is a new Herrscher of Flamescion battlesuit for Kiana.

Jenni Lada
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