Azure Striker Gunvolt has a levelling up system by which you can raise GV’s level, increase his HP, and acquire new skills to use. Skills in Gunvolt are learnt at certain levels. You level up by defeating enemies, and at certain levels, GV will learn a new Attack or Support skill.


Skills are used by touching a Skill icon on the Nintendo 3DS touch screen, and you can equip up to four skills at a time. Each skill costs SP to use, GV can have up to three SP at any given point in time. Below are a few examples of skills:


Lightning Sphere (SP Cost: 1) – Spheres of electricity appear around Gunvolt
and deliver consecutive damage to enemies.


Electrocaliber (SP Cost: 2) – GV summons a giant blade of electricity that thrusts forward.



Voltic Chain (SP Cost: 3) – Numerous giant chains crisscross the screen and get charged with electricity. The more enemies there are in the area, the more effective the attack.


Healing Voltage (SP Cost: 1) – Gunvolt boosts his body’s electrical system to recover HP.


Aside from Skills, Gunvolt can also use Psychic Abilities in battle. One of these is called “Afterimage”. Afterimage activates when GV is hit by an enemy attack, and automatically allows him to dodge attacks for as long as the ability remains active.


Note that Afterimage can’t be used while Gunvolt is using his Lightning Ring attack, which is another Psychic Ability. Afterimage and other Psychic Abilities cost Energy Points (EP) to use. The EP bar is the curved gauge you see underneath GV himself, and if it reaches zero, he overheats.


EP can be recovered by quickly tapping Down on the D-Pad twice. Another way to recover it is to use the Recharge skill, shown below:


Recharge (SP Cost: 1) – Completely restores EP lost from using Psychic Abilities such as Lightning Ring and Afterimage. The skill allows Gunvolt to recover immediately from overheating, making it a useful aid in any situation.


Azure Striker Gunvolt will be released in Japan this August. A North American release will follow sometime later during the Summer. Plans for a European release are currently being discussed as well.


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