Another shoot-em-up is headed to the Nintendo 3DS as a download title in North America. Following in the steps of G.Rev’s Kokuga comes G-Style’s Chain Blaster. Below is a Japanese trailer for the game:



In Chain Blaster, your ship can fire Chain Blasts, which can take out an entire formation of enemy ships. The more enemies you take out in the blast, the higher your score. Regular shots are fired with A. Taking enemies out fills up a gauge, which lets you perform Chain Blasts to destroy enemy formations.


Additionally, when things get hectic, you can also use Overdrive to go into slow motion. This uses up your gauge, too. You can read more about how the game plays here.


There are two ships that you can play as—the Sagittarius and Orion. The Sagittarius can use all the features mentioned above, while Orion is a mysterious ship meant for more advanced players.


Chain Blaster is never-ending, so your goal is to get the highest possible score. Scores are uploaded to worldwide leaderboards, so you can compare your score with other players. The game will be available via the Nintendo eShop on July 25th for $6.99.



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