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Smash Ultimate Tackles Diddy Kong, Lucas, And Several Returning Stages


    chef kawasaki 3

    With just a bit more than a week left until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s launch, the Super Smash Blog has also been wrapping up the remaining fighters to be introduced. This week tackles Lucas, Diddy Kong, and returning stages like Pac-Land and Suzaku Castle. There’s also Chef Kawasaki and a preview of an arrangement of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s infamous trailer theme.


    #36 Diddy Kong

    Donkey Kong’s trusty partner Diddy Kong uses his light weight and agility to get around quickly! For his Final Smash, Diddy takes to the air with his Rocketbarrel while firing his popguns. The final hit is seriously powerful!


    #37 Lucas

    Like Ness, Lucas is a young boy who uses PSI powers. Some of their PSI moves share the same names, but since Lucas has different abilities, the moves may work differently. Be sure to try them out! For his Final Smash, he calls down a shower of meteors along with Kumatora and Boney.


    Chef Kawasaki – New Assist Trophy

    chef kawasaki 1

    chef kawasaki 2

    chef kawasaki 3

    He grabs opponents using his long ladle and mixes them into a pot! The unlucky opponent will continue to take damage as the chef cooks up health recovery items. You can then use his food to recover your health (just don’t think about the recipe)!


    Pac-Land – Returning Stage

    pac-land 1

    pac-land 2

    pac-land 3

    pac-land 4

    This is an auto-scrolling stage where the scene continuously changes. There are also a few hidden features from the original arcade version of PAC-LAND, so try to find them!


    Suzaku Castle – Returning Stage

    suzaku castle 1

    This stage has a large platform on the right and two smaller ones on the left. Depending on your fighting style, you might prefer one side over the other. This stage comes with music tracks for 16 characters. When the clock starts running out or if your stock goes down to one, the music may get more intense!


    Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer BGM – New Arrangement

    You can now listen to “Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer BGM” from The Legend of Zelda series. Enjoy this track (which you can’t listen to in the main game), arranged by Ryo Nagamatsu!


    Arrangement supervisor: Ryo Nagamatsu (known for work on Nintendo Land, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Mario Kart 8)


    Masahiro Sakurai had a bit more to share on Twitter regarding music this week, specifically on the theme song for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, “Lifelight”. He noted that the Japanese vocals are done by Erina Koga, who turns 18 today. Composer Hideki Sakamoto helped compose the song. Meanwhile, the English vocals are sung by Abby Trott.


    Here’s a link to the other remixes and arrangements, and other character features so far:

    Vega Stage, Bomb Rush Blush, Brinstar Depths – here

    Noisy Notebook – here

    City Trial – here

    Mega Man 4 Medley – here

    Snake Eaterhere

    F-Zero Medley – here

    Galaga Medley – here

    Bloody Tears / Monster Dance – here

    Gangplank Galleon – here

    Gear Up For… – here

    Yoshi’s New Island Main Theme – here

    Fortress Boss – here

    Pikmin Main Theme – here

    Happy Home Designer Title Themehere

    Battle! (Steven)here

    Afternoon on the Islandhere

    Id (Purpose) – here

    Flash Man Stage, Main Menu short loop – here

    Lost Paintinghere

    Lifelight, Battle (Wild Pokémon)here

    Guile Stage, Main Menu final version, Splattack!here

    Seaskape – here

    King Bowser – here


    Bonus: Countdown to Smash Ultimate

    Since yesterday, various official Twitter accounts have been tweeting out countdown pictures for the game’s release. Here are the ones posted so far:

    Super Mario Odyssey official account (10 days left)


    Konami official account (9 days left)

    smash bros countdown 1


    MonHun-bu official account (9 days left)

    smash bros countdown 2


    Siliconera will keep on the lookout for other countdown artwork over the next few days.


    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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