Earlier today, Nintendo revealed Metroid Prime: Federation Force, an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS that is slated for release in 2016. So, what exactly is it?


Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a 4-player co-op first-person shooter set in the Metroid Prime universe. The game has both local and online muliplayer, and requires 4-player squads to complete different kinds of missions. These missions have different objectives (for example; trying to capture certain kinds of creatures) and prior to going into one, you’ll sit through a briefing.


As part of your mission prep, you can select different kinds of items and weapons to take into combat with you. These can range from Repair Capsules to Shield Generators to Missiles to Slow Beams. Each one serves a different kind of purpose, and depending on what kind of weapons you carry, it will change your role in the party. You’ll then hop into a mech and tackle your mission.


Aiming in Metroid Prime: Federation Force is handled using the Nintendo 3DS’ gyroscope.

In addition to the co-op mode, there’s also a second mode called Blast Ball, which is a 3-on-3 sci-fi sport mode. Players shoot a ball into the opponent’s goal to score. Throughout the match, players can gain a competitive edge by collecting and using a variety of individual power-ups, such as barriers, or power-ups that speed you up, or let you eject opponents out of their mechs.



In Blast Ball, the match ends when a team scores three goals. The interesting thing is, you can get friends to join the match by sending the Blast Ball game for free to other Nintendo 3DS owners via Nintendo 3DS Download Play.


Metroid Prime: Federation Force will be released sometime in 2016.




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