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Solomon Program Will Be Available For Free On Switch This Month

Solomon Program dragon

Konami has put up an official site for Solomon Program, a programming strategy game coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan. It can be downloaded for free on the Japanese Nintendo eShop starting from February 25, 2021. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

In Solomon Program, players will be able to control up to 4 units on a battlefield. The units’ behaviors, such as approaches and attacks, will be automatically determined by programming blocks set by the player beforehand. Winning battles will reward points that can be used to strengthen and customize a unit’s stats and behavior performances.

The game will also have multiple modes and features, such as an online PvP Hack Battle mode and a Deep Mining mode that allows units to grind battles on their own, even when the game is inactive or put into sleep mode.

We first learned about Solomon Program in January 2020. Prior to today’s publication, information about the game had been covered exclusively by CoroCoro, which also shared codes to access early demo builds. A manga that tells the story of the game was published in the special MiraCoro Comic Ver.2.0 released in January 2020.

Solomon Program will launch digitally on Nintendo Switch on February 25, 2021. It will be available as a free-to-play game on the Japanese eShop with paid booster pack DLC and in-game microtransactions.

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