Sonic Team / Sega CS2 Developing The New Sakura Wars Game


Famitsu recently went to Sega Games’ recruitment talk for experienced developers for the positions of planner, producer, programmer, and designer. Amongst the guest speakers was Shun Nakamura, producer of Sonic Forces and assistant director of Sonic Team / Sega CS2, who revealed that the new Sakura Wars game is being made in their division.

While he was introducing the division, Nakamura mentioned that thanks to Sega internal re-organization, the development teams behind the new Sakura Wars game and Valkyria Chronicles IP have been folded into the current Sega CS2. While this has increased the breadth of content produced by CS2, it’s still mainly content made for a Japanese audience.

We last heard about the latest Sakura Wars game from the Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi, who mentioned that development is going favorably, and that it shouldn’t be long until more news comes out.

The new Sakura Wars game is in development for “modern platforms” and is set in the year Taisho 29 (1940).

Alistair Wong
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