Famitsu.com has published its first report on SoniPro, Nitroplus and Imageepoch’s upcoming Super Sonico idol game for the Nintendo 3DS, sharing a little more insight into the game.


As previously reported, SoniPro has you managing Super Sonico as her producer. In the story, Sonico is rather ambitious, being a musician as well as a model and the lead of an all-girls band, in addition to pursuing her college education. You manage the Nitroplus mascot’s schedule, overseeing live concerts, swimsuit modelling, costumes and more in order to take her to the top.


Naturally, there’s also a mode in the game that has Sonico posing while you snap 3DS screenshots with an in-game camera. You can then save these images to your SD card and share them with others.


Japanese indie label Georide will be handling the game’s music themselves. In the music department SoniPro, will feature both popular as well as entirely new songs. Famitsu’s report mentions that Georide staff signed on for the project because they’re fans themselves.


SoniPro is slated for release in winter 2014. Nitroplus are overseeing the game’s scenario themselves, with Imageepoch handling the development legwork. You can watch the game’s debut trailer here.



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