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Sony Apologized for PlayStation 5 Pre-order Situation, Promised More Chances

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The PlayStation 5 pre-order situation wasn’t great. First, Sony’s Eric Lempel, the Senior Vice President of PlayStation Worldwide Market, claimed, “It’s not gonna happen with a minute’s notice.” Then, during the PS5 September 2020 showcase, the pre-order date given was supposedly September 17, 2020. Instead, they went up immediately, and now Sony apologized and committed to doing better.

Sony made an official statement about the PlayStation 5 pre-orders on Twitter. It acknowledged things went wrong, offered an apology, then committed to more pre-order opportunities.

Here’s the full statement.

As people who might have tried to order can attest, during the past few days it has been difficult to get an order in. Sites like Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart began taking pre-orders right away. Sites were having issues taking orders and functioning properly. (GameStop was a notable example.)

The PlayStation 5 will launch in North America, Japan, South Korea, and Australia on November 12, 2020, then show up in other areas worldwide on November 19, 2020. The PlayStation 5 pre-order opportunity emails from Sony are appearing in people’s inboxes.

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