Sony held a press conference earlier today to reveal two Android 3.0 OS-powered tablets, slated for release this fall. Codenamed “S1” and “S2,” both tablets are capable of running the PlayStation Suite, thus granting them the ability to play PSOne games.


The S1 is a single 9.4” screen tablet with front and rear-facing cameras, and Sony say it will be possible to use it as a remote control for a variety of their devices, including Bravia televisions.


Meanwhile, the S2 is a dual-screen device, with two 5.5” screens that can be folded together, similar to the Nintendo DS. The screens can either display two separate images or one single image across both. The S2, too, will be PlayStation Suite-capable, and the bottom screen will display digital PlayStation-style controls with which to play games.


No price or release date for either of the two Sony Tablets has been announced yet. When they launch this fall, both will be capable of Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G functionality, and will run on a Tegra 2 processor.



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