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Soon, Resident Evil: Revelations Won’t Be The Only Third-Person Shooter On 3DS



Ironfall Invasion is an upcoming third-person shooter for the Nintendo 3DS, developed by VDdev in France, who have been working on it for three years. The game has been described as a “Gears of War-lite” and is headed to the Nintendo eShop as a download title.


In addition to a singleplayer campaign, Ironfall Invasion will have local and online multiplayer for up to six players. It runs on both the regular 3DS and New 3DS, and supports multiple control schemes on both devices (touch screen or second stick).


Ironfal Invasion will be available this Friday, February 13th, in Europe. The trial version of the game will be free to download. You can then purchase the single and multiplayer campaigns separately, depending on what you want from the game. Each one will cost £8.88 / €9.99, or can be purchased together for £17.98 / €19.98.


The singleplayer campaign will have 11 stages, while multiplayer will have 6 different arenas with various modes such as “free-for-all” and “3 vs. 3”. A Survivor Mode will also be available as part of the multiplayer package, which will have you fighting off hordes of enemies. Finally, VDdev say that you’ll be able to bet in-game credits on your multiplayer matches.


A North American release date for Ironfall Invasion has not yet been finalized, but VDdev tweeted that the game might reach the NA eShop in late February.

Ishaan Sahdev
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