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Soul Hackers U.S. Version Voice Acting Cut Back “Just A Touch” [Update]



Update: Atlus have clarified just what voices were cut in the U.S. version, and it’s a very minor edit. Over on the Atlus forums, they share: “The voicework that was cut was the map NPCs. The reason we cut that was because the JP version used one voice for every type of person: every man had the same voice, every woman had the same voice. It was pretty ridiculous, since these are definitely not the same person. To save time (and, yes, costs for studio work and actors), and to improve the work as a whole, we took out that bit.”


Original story: Among other improvements, the Nintendo 3DS version of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers in Japan has an extensive amount of voice-acted conversations. In Japan, Atlus considered it a big enough feature to make mention of it when the game was revealed.


On the other hand, Atlus USA haven’t really been talking it up, and it made us wonder if the voice-acting in the U.S. version was being cut back to an extent that it wasn’t worth mentioning in the list of features. However, that isn’t the case.


Alex Armour, who’s handling PR duties for Atlus, shared with us that, while the voice-acting in the U.S. version of Soul Hackers is being cut back just a bit, the game still features an extensive amount of voice-over work.


“We did not shy away from making the game fully English voiced,” Armour replied to our query. “It’s almost as much as the JP version but it is cut back just a touch. It’s still a very robust production for voicing.”

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