In Soul Sacrifice, you can sacrifice body parts to cast powerful spells in the game. Or you could simply sacrifice objects you find for spells that aren’t as strong. The greater your sacrifice, the stronger your spell is.


Designer, Keiji Inafune, says that your characters in the game will appear visually different depending on whether you choose to sacrifice more or save more.


“You’ve probably heard that you can customize your character, and you’ll have a lot of choices and options,” Inafune says. “But the way you choose to fight will affect your appearance. So if you keep on saving, or keep on sacrificing, the visual effect will look different; you’ll look more angelic if you keep saving, more evil if you keep sacrificing.”


In the game’s multiplayer mode, you can also sacrifice your teammates.


Inafune explains: “If my character is dying, and my friend decides to sacrifice me, I might say “hey, what are you doing?! Don’t sacrifice me!’ So it creates a reason to come up with new ways to fight.”


“It could lead to different kinds of heroism; you could save a bad situation by sacrificing yourself or a friend, or ask your friend to sacrifice himself for the good of the group. I don’t know that it’s always “fun,” but it’s a new kind of entertainment.”


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