Soulcalibur Director Discusses Necrid Issues & The Importance Of Cosplay

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You can expect to hear “something” about the new Soulcalibur game around mid-May, but until then, here’s another tiny update from the game’s director, Daishi Odashima, via his Twitter feed.


First things first. An Odashima follower on Twitter recently pointed to Namco Bandai’s new teaser website that we reported last week, and asked Odashima what it was. To this, Odashima simply replied: “Guess what?” Not quite the answer one would hope for, but again, note that the website’s countdown is set to end around mid-May, which means it could possibly be related to Odashima’s Soulcalibur announcement.


Aside from teasing, Odashima has also been discussing various Soulcalibur characters with his followers. A fan linked Odashima to cosplay pictures of Ivy and Tira, voicing his approval of them. “Cosplay is actually important,” Odashima tweeted back in reply. “I read SE and SC1 characters were designed so that they were easy to recreate for cosplay!”


Odashima also discussed Ivy with a couple of other followers. One fan commented that Ivy’s moves tend to be showy, to which Odashima replied: “That’s why Ivy’s moves are difficult to create and it gives the motion designers a hard time.” To another fan who commented that iconic moves — involving whips in the case of Ivy — help convey a character’s uniqueness, Odashima said: “She is a ‘Dominatrix’ after all.”


Another fan voiced his opinion on Hilde. “Please change Hilde’s button charge moves to stick motions. Hard to do,” he requested of Odashima. To this, the director simply replied: “Practice makes perfect!”


Moving on, Necrid fans should note that they might be out of luck once again. The Todd McFarlane character that was introduced in Soulcalibur II — and was never seen in a Soulcalibur game again thereafter — probably won’t be making a return, according to Odashima, who admitted: “To be honest, that will be too hard to do due to copyright issues.”


Odashima also seemed interested in a very specific request by one of his fans, for individual characters to speak in their own language in the game. After making note of the request, Odashima jokingly asked, “What are we gonna do with Astaroth, lol.”


In one of the later tweets, Odashima thanked his followers for their opinions and input, assuring them that they were indeed helping shape the game’s development. “Thx for you’re tweets. It does make a different game,” Odashima tweeted. “But imagination is the key to create something new.”

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