Soulcalibur V has something called the Critical Gauge (pictured above), which was demonstrated in a recent E3 video. Game director, Daishi Odashima, recently explained its inclusion in the game in a series of tweets today. Keep in mind these explanations are for players familiar with the series’ intricacies.


“The gauge was added to add a "high point" or a "decisive moment" to each match,” Odashima shared. He continued:


“Firstly the gauge can be used to perform Critical Edge. When fully charged, it can be used twice,” he explained. “The activation is similar to Critical Finish and the effect is like Critical Edge (from Soul Edge). It’s an evolution of the SC & SE system! The gauge can also be used to add extra powerful attacks to the standard moves. The commands will be different for each character.”


He then posted a set of images to illustrate via an example:


“E.g extra B is added to Paroklos’s 66A when the gauge is used. Some moves give you advantage frames on block and some allows you to chain combos. Each move has different properties. There are also other uses for the gauge. I’ll let you guys know as they get decided.”


Finally, he also confirmed the presence of Guard Crush in Soulcalibur V: “I’ll answer one more question. There were many questions regarding Guard Crush. It will remain in SCV. The name will likely change tho.”


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