Source Code Leaks A Concern In Japan For Capcom PC Titles


Capcom USA Senior Vice-President, Christian Svensson, is bullish as far as supporting the PC platform is concerned. While the PC market is currently a relatively small part of Capcom’s business, Svensson sees it as an important platform, and is pushing for several of Capcom’s titles to have PC versions.


That having been said, the PC isn’t a major videogame platform in Japan, which makes convincing Capcom Japan’s game producers of its a viability a tricky prospect. In response to a forum-user on Capcom’s community site asking about titles like DmC Devil May Cry and Dragon’s Dogma for PC, Svensson touches upon some of the hurdles Capcom USA encounter in their PC discussions with Japan staff.


“On a producer by producer basis, we’ve still not quite reached every one of them on the value of the PC to their projects,” Svensson shares. “In some cases, they are unable to allocate resources to PC for fear of jeopardizing the console SKU quality or schedule. And for others, handing code to an outside shop creates a source code leak risk as far as they are concerned (though I’m not concerned about that). I promise, we will get past this issue.”


In the same post, Svensson mentions that there are more PC products in the works than Capcom have publicly announced thus far. He also promises that, in the future, a higher percentage of Capcom’s titles will appear on PC than today.


In a recent interview with Siliconera, Svensson mentioned he has high hopes for Street Fighter X Tekken on PC, based on the performance of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, which is selling faster on PC than the original Street Fighter IV did. Dragon’s Dogma is another title Capcom are currently considering for the PC platform, based on fan feedback.

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