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Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary Celebrated With a Swinging Greatest Hits Album


Prepare to feel a little bit older, as Space Channel 5 is now officially 20 years old. On the plus side, people will get to celebrate a bit, as Sega and Grounding have released Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary GyunGyun Selection. This is a two-disc collection of Space Channel 5 music that consists of 50 songs and voice dramas based on the series. Also, yes, the perennial theme song “Mexican Flyer” is the very first track on the album.

Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary GyunGyun Selection is available pretty much everywhere. The collection could be purchased for $15.99 from outlets like Amazon and iTunes, or someone could stream it through Spotify and YouTube Music. (A Honey’s Anime

Here is the full tracklist from Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary GyunGyun Selection. What’s interesting is that eight are voice dramas that involve skits involving some of the more memorable characters. Show Hayami, who played Jaguar throughout the series, Yoshiko Sakakibara, who was Pine in Space Channel 5: Part 2, and Akira Ishida, the voice of the villain purge in Space Channel 5: Part 2, are all confirmed to reprise their roles. Since Ulala and Pudding would also appear, that should mean Mineko Okamura and Kae Iida should show up.

Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary GyunGyun Selection Disc 2 Side: Tomoare

1 Mexican Flyer (Original)

2 Option:The Reporter From Sch5

3 Opening Jingle:Swinging Report Show

4 Coco tapioka:The Huge Dancer

5 Space Ship:Strut

6 Space observation deck (Drama)

7 Asteroid Belt:Go! Go! ”Astrobeat Jr.”

8 Mororin!monroe!:Rapid Geminis In The Monitor

9 Space Channel 5:Getting The Truth

10 Giant Evila:Space Dogfight!!

11 Ending:Pala Paya … Lounge Musique

12 "Swinging Report Show"

13 We are known as the Rhythm Rogues!!

14 Space teacher and student

15 "We’ve reached fountain square!"

16 It’s me, Pudding! (Drama)

17 Duelling guitars!

18 The Space BirdMistress

19 Space Police in the sky

20 Pine’s theme song (Full)

21 "Space channel 5!"

22 Space Japanese course (Drama)

23 Insect name (Drama)

24 Public bath (Drama)

25 "Space channel 5!!"

26 Jagur’s theme song

27 Pala paya 78

Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary GyunGyun Selection Disc 2 Side: Tomoare

1 "Swinging Report Show Special"

2 Space Diver

3 Go! Go! Cheerleader!

4 Cheerleader geek (Drama)

5 Singing Fusion Bot "Purge the King"

6 Mororian and Pudding (Drama)

7 Strobe action

8 Battle of the Bands!

9 Who is who

10 Purge’s theme song (Full)

11 This Is My Happiness

12 Ulala dance & Taihei Neji(Drama)

13 Go! Go! Rescue Heroes

14 Theme of Pine (Sort of Soul Mix)

15 kinda funky news flash !

16 A Chorus in White

17 Space Pirate Broadcasting Channel

18 Final Reporter

19 Dance in the Galaxy

20 "Stay tune"

21 Dance in the Galaxy (ver.Morolians)

22 Making of S.C.5 Mix

23 This Is My Happiness (Tom Jones A − Go Go Mix)

The original Space Channel 5 showed up on the Dreamcast in Japan on December 16, 1999. The rhythmic adventure, where Ken Woodman’s “Mexican Flyer” serves as an overarching theme, relies on a call and answer sort of gameplay. Ulala, as she investigates and reports on alien invasions, comes across extraterrestrials controlling people with music and forcing them to dance. By copying and outdancing them, she saves the day.

Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash will be released on the PlayStation VR and HTC Vive in Spring 2020. It was originally supposed to appear in 2018, then September 2018, and after that Fall 2019. However, it was recently delayed four a fourth time.

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