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Spelunky And Other Indie Games Announced For PS3 And Vita


    Sony have announced that a number of indie games are headed to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. A few of these are already available on other platforms but are now being confirmed for the PS3 and Vita alongside a other titles for PlayStation Mobile and even a couple for PlayStation 4. You can view the list of games below:


    • Blacklight: Retribution – PS4
    • Primal Carnage: Genesis – PS4
    • Divekick – PS3 and PS Vita
    • Spelunky – PS3 and PS Vita
    • Velocity Ultra – PS Vita
    • Limbo – PS Vita
    • Metrico – PS Vita
    • Sportsfriends – PS3
    • Ibb & Obb – PS3
    • Guacamelee! – PS3 and PS Vita
    • Hotline Miami – PS3 and PS Vita
    • Dragon Fantasy Book II – PS3 and PS Vita
    • Thomas Was Alone – PS3 and PS Vita
    • Luftrausers – PS3 and PS Vita
    • Friend Network App – PS Vita
    • A Virus Named Tom – PlayStation Mobile
    • Beatdown in Treachery City – PlayStation Mobile
    • Crumble – PlayStation Mobile
    • Crystallon – PlayStation Mobile
    • Don’t Wake the Bear – PlayStation Mobile
    • Hermit Crab in Space! – PlayStation Mobile
    • Oh, Deer! – PlayStation Mobile
    • Rymndkapsel – PlayStation Mobile
    • Ten By Eight – PlayStation Mobile


    The announcement was made following Sony’s PlayStation Indie Arcade event at GDC this week, where the platform holder demoed a number of the aforementioned games.


    Ishaan Sahdev
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