Spider-Man Comics Are Being Relaunched, And Spider-Man Unlimited Will Keep Up


Spider-Man Unlimited started out as a videogame tie-in to Marvel’s Spider-Verse event, but in the last several months, it’s gone well beyond the scope of Spider-Verse, and has begun to explore other facets of the Spider-Man mythos. In its next content update, it’s going to tackle Secret Wars and Spider Island.


As you may know, Spider-Man is receiving a major overhaul in his comics. As part of the “All New, All Different Marvel” reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man is being re-launched with Dan Slott serving as writer. Not only is Peter now rich, he also has a Spider Mobile and a new, high-tech costume designed by Alex Ross. This new costume will be part of Spider-Man Unlimited’s upcoming updates, and you can take an early look at it above.


At the same time, Spider-Man Unlimited will also explore past Marvel events, the first of these being 2011’s Spider Island, which is coming in an update this month. As part of the event, 10 new characters connected to the Spider Island story will be released, including a playable Mary Jane who was infected with spider powers in the story.  The update is meant to serve as an introduction to a tie-in with the current-running Spider Island comics.


Finally, Gameloft and Marvel say they’re also adding a major new social feature to Spider-Man Unlimited, which they claim is the biggest feature to be added since the game’s launch.



Ishaan Sahdev
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