Square Enix and Fairy Tail Series Creator Announce RPG for Mobile Devices


Square Enix will be working with Fairy Tail series creator Hiro Mashima to create an RPG for mobile devices. Gate of Nightmares is a fantasy RPG that will blend traditional fantasy storytelling elements with that of the “real world.” Jin Fujisawa, who previously worked on the Dragon Quest series, will write the scenario, while Yasuharu Takanashi is creating the score. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

A trailer came alongside the announcement of the game. While it mostly introduces some of the characters from the game, there is a small bit of in-game cinematics as well. You can watch the Gate of Nightmares trailer below.

This mobile RPG by Square Enix and Fairy Tail series creator Hiro Mashima will feature an entirely voiced scenario. So far a total of three characters have been revealed. This includes main character Azel and Emma. Both characters are swept up in this adventure when they cross paths as they have a unique connection to “Nightmares,” the monsters of this world. Meruru is the third character who is a mysterious girl who is unable to remember her past.

More information about Gate of Nightmares will be released at a later date through the official website and Twitter for the game. Additionally, Square Enix has plans to hold a “hands on” event which will allow a select group of users to try the game out.

Gate of Nightmares is currently in development for Android and iOS devices.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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