FFXIII Scenario Ultimania Square Enix’s publication division, responsible for the company’s manga, art books and strategy guides, saw an increase in operating income of 16.4% from the previous year, the company reported in their annual fiscal report.


The increase in net sales and operating income are attributed to strong manga sales, boosted by anime broadcasts of popular titles, as well as “favourable” sales of strategy guides for for popular videogame titles. Square’s revenue breakdown, along with changes in operating income, across their various business segments, is as follows:


Games: 57.2% (up 254%)

Amusement: 27.2% (Taito amusement facilities, arcades — down 11.8%)

Publication: 7.5% (up 16.4%)

Mobile phone content: 5.3% (down 8.1%)

Merchandising: 2.8% (up 124.2% — Advent Children Complete listed as major contributor)


Going forward, it should be interesting to see how Square’s digital manga store in North America and France contributes to the company’s revenue.


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