Ever since the Eidos merger, a lot have wondered just how large a role Eidos will play in Square Enix’s future endeavours. Square have always maintained that Eidos is an incredibly important acquisition for them and that they hope the merger will result in a better-managed organization.


Recently, Square Enix took the first major step toward restructuring the company to this end — Eidos as a publishing entity no longer exists. Instead, Eidos’s presence in PAL territories has been assimilated into a restructured Square Enix Europe, which is going to be run by Eidos CEO Phil Rogers. Eidos’s sales and marketing divisions are now combined with Square’s.


Similarly, in the U.S., Eidos’s games will be published by Square Enix USA, which is currently headed by John Yamamoto.


Unfortunately, the restructuring will result in a few job casualties, although a number has not yet been specified. An official statement from Square Enix mentioned that the company would provide support and advice for any employees affected by the change.


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