While Steam’s summer sales are over, Square Enix’s are just beginning. From July 26th (today) until August 4th, a number of Square Enix games (excluding Final Fantasy titles and The Last Remnant and Front Mission) will be on sale for 25-50% off.


Tomb Raider, for example, can be purchased for $45 instead of the usual $60 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Meanwhile, the PC version costs $25, down from the usual $50.


Sleeping Dogs is on discount, too. That game can be purchased for $30 on consoles (down from $40) or for $15 on PC (down from $30).


While Final Fantasy games aren’t part of Square’s summer sales, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is. That game has dropped to $22.50, from its usual $30.


And naturally, Hitman Absolution is part of the sale, too, with the console versions down from $40 to $30, and the PC version down from $30 to $15.


You can catch up with all of these sales at Square Enix’s North American online store.



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