Square Enix to Release Final Fantasy XIV Reaper Inspired Wine

Final Fantasy XIV Reaper Wine

Square Enix announced the production of wine inspired by the Reaper Job Class in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. It’s collaborating with The Prisoner Wine Company to bring this item to consumers. However, the wine is part of the Final Fantasy XIV and Isetan pop-up shop, which means it is currently exclusive to Japan. Pre-orders for the Final Fantasy XIV Reaper inspired wine opened, although it is currently on backorder. It costs 12,100 yen, or $106. Bottles will be delivered sometime after March 1, 2022.

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If you missed out on scoring a bottle, the item will be available to obtain through the Square Enix e-STORE at a later date. That said, Square Enix hasn’t mentioned if this item will appear in Square Enix stores overseas. This means that this could potentially remain a Japan exclusive piece of merchandise.

The Reaper inspired wine will come in a special box. It features an illustration of the Job Class, and features a line of text that reads “This is our future. Our story.” scrawled along the side. The illustration shows a Reaper standing in front of the moon. The wine bottle features a smaller illustration, and The Prisoner label.

You can take a look at the bottle and packaging below.

The Reaper is one of two new Job Classes made available through the Endwalker expansion. This particular Job Class is a melee DPS that draws its powers from the Void. The Job Class was revealed during Final Fantasy XIV FanFest.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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