Square Enix’s convict rampage track-and-field shooter, Gun Loco, is a ways off, with a release scheduled for some time in 2011. Marketing preparations, however, have already kicked off and Square are trying to get the fans involved.


Gun Loco is going to feature some sort of song in the game, and Square Enix want you — or anyone that’s willing and reasonably talented — to be behind the mic. Here’s how it works:


This is the Gun Loco site. From September 9th through October 4th, Square will put upload an MP3 file along with a lyrics sheet to it. You’ll need to grab both and have at your microphone with all the power your lungs and vocal chords can muster. Once you’re done, upload your song and you’ll have a shot at having your singing featured in the game.


All right, who wants to be our guinea pi…er, representative?


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