Square Enix Will Re-Release FFVII Aerith and Tifa Jewelry

Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Aerith necklace
Image via Square Enix

Square Enix once again opened up pre–orders for three pieces of jewelry that resemble ones Aerith and Tifa wore in FFVII. There is a rose gold ribbon necklace and a flower one for Aerith, and a clip-on earring for Tifa. You can get the necklaces via the North America store for $147.99 and the earring for $99.99. The necklaces will come out in November 2023. They’re also available in the Japan store for 16,280 JPY and the earring is 10,450 JPY. They all have a release date of September 16, 2023.

These are re-releases of items that we originally saw in 2020. The ribbon version has a loop above the actual tie part, which recreates how Aerith has her neck ribbon in FFVII. Meanwhile, the flower version of the Aerith necklace is silver and there is a chrysoprase gemstone in the middle that looks like Aerith’s eyes. Since Tifa only wears one earring in FFVII: Advent Children, you will also only get one earring. There does not seem to be a discount if you want to purchase a set.

Other pieces of jewelry that Square Enix has released in the past for Final Fantasy VII include a bracelet. This one is less a recreation and more an item that incorporates her various motifs. For example, there is a golden lily charm that looks like the flowers in Aerith’s church. This item is also available in the Square Enix shop for $127.99.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is readily available on the PS4 and PS5. Pre-orders are open for the re-release of the FFVII jewelry items. They’ll come out in September 2023 for Japan and November 2023 for North America.

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