Square Enix’s Sharing Chocobo Theme Sheet Music With ‘Home de Chocobo’

home de chocobo chocobo theme sheet music

Square Enix has been offering various outreach measures to help people deal with sheltering in place due to the pandemic, and the latest one attempts to inject a little music into folks’ lives. Introducing a “Home de Chocobo” initiative, offering everyone a chance to play the iconic chocobo theme song. The company has released sheet music, art, and a sample of the track being played on a recorder.

Since sheet music is universal, there’s no need to worry about any language barriers when it comes to this Home de Chocobo initiative. Though, to help people out, the official Japanese Twitter account did include both Japanese and English versions of the “Chocobo Theme.”

Here’s the tweet announcing the Home de Chocobo initiative.

These are both the Japanese and English versions of the “Chocobo Theme” song sheet music.

Here, you can hear the song being played on a recorder using that sheet music.

Yasunori Nishiki, a composer who worked on Final Fantasy VII Remake, Granblue Fantasy Versus, and Octopath Traveler, contributed a take on the song for Home de Chocobo and shared it on Twitter.

Square Enix has been engaging in multiple outreach endeavors to help people cope with staying home. It started by giving people free copies of the 2013 version of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris back in March 2020. It has since extended that offer by setting up a whole page to commit to sales with charitable intentions and more free games with its Stay Home and Play initiative.

Most recently, Final Fantasy VII Remake gave people an official way to listen to versions of the Chocobo theme song in a game. It included “Electric de Chocobo” and “Hip Hop de Chocobo.”

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