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SSBU No More Heroes Spirit Event Will Add Travis and Jess Baptiste

SSBU No More Heroes

Nintendo has announced a new No More Heroes 3 spirit board event for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The event will start on the game’s launch date on August 27, 2021, and run for a total of five dates, adding Travis Touchdown and Jess Baptiste VI as spirits. The event was announced via the official SSBU Twitter account.

Travis Touchdown is unlocked after defeating a sword-wielding Mii fighter and is an Advanced Attack spirit. Don’t be disappointed by the stats, though. Once you get Travis to level 99, he can upgrade into Full Armor Travis.

Unlike his appearances in previous trailers, the mecha-suited Travis features an intense blue glow and a lance-like weapon. Upgrading the spirit also increases his overall power and bumps him up to an Ace Attacker. Full Armor Travis also features the Made of Metal spirit ability.

Additionally, players can also unlock Jess Baptiste VI, the primary antagonist from No More Heroes 3. Also known as FU, he is an Ace Support spirit and is unlocked after defeating Mewtwo. He also features the Undamaged Attack & Speed spirit abilities, which increase attack and movement speed while at 0% damage.

SSBU No More Heroes

Previously, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has featured a variety of crossover spirit board events, recently adding a Razewing Ratha to celebrate the launch of Monster Hunter Stories 2. Other notable crossover titles include Bowser’s Fury and Monster Hunter Rise.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch, and the No More Heroes 3 spirit event will start on August 27, 2021, and run for five days. No More Heroes 3 will also launch on the same day for the Nintendo Switch.

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