Star Ocean Anamnesis Offline Version Will Have Limited Features

SO4 Reimi will remain in Star Ocean Anamnesis offline version

Square Enix has revealed more details on the offline version for the outgoing mobile game Star Ocean Anamnesis. The final version will have a limited amount of features that allow players to continue interacting with the game’s characters while reminiscing its storyline. [Thanks, 4Gamer.]

The offline version 3.8.0 will come with a size of approximately 1.7 GB. Players will be able to view the storyline from Episodes 1 to 3. They can also view characters obtained during the game’s active period. The characters will appear in their default attire without any accessories to help compress the app size. In addition, all characters’ affection levels will be set to the highest one by default.

All obtained Star Ocean series characters will still be available in Anamnesis‘ offline version. However, it will only retain guest characters from titles developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix. In other words, only characters from Radiata StoriesInfinite Undiscovery, and the Valkyrie Profile series will stay there.

Square Enix also acknowledged that many players requested adding battles into the offline version. Although the developers also wanted to include battles, they could not implement the feature in time. This is because the team would have needed more time and data size to reconstruct the battle system, which normally required an online connection to the server.

Star Ocean Anamnesis appeared first in Japan in December 2016. Square Enix also released the mobile game globally in June 2018. However, the global client shut down earlier in November 2019. Although the Japanese version lasted laster, it was also eventually fated to have its online services end in June 2021.

Star Ocean Anamnesis is available on Android and iOS devices in Japan until June 24, 2021.

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